Hanging Plants!!

 photo 7 12 hanging plants-6_zps9kzga7dg.jpg

As I mentioned here, we had to tear out the carpet in our entry way because of flooding in the winter.

We pretty much finished it – ripping up the carpet and adhesive, and laying down new flooring – and I hung up some plants last weekend!
I wanted to buy these from west elm, but all of the plants at Home Depot were in 8″ pots. The west elm hangers only hold 6″ – and I don’t trust myself replanting something.

It’s kind of embarrassing when you realize you blend into the garden center…
BTW – my dress was $4 from H&M 🙂
 photo 7 12 hanging plants-1_zpsxag9zf6n.jpg
I decided on the primitive planters from Home Depot – only $7 and I knew the project would be finished.

Eric told me he wants more recognition on the blog for all his help. I think I mention him frequently, but here he is drilling into the ceiling and hanging my plants 🙂
 photo 7 12 hanging plants-3_zpsz1xebyic.jpg
 photo 7 12 hanging plants-5_zpsdsralqft.jpg
I love love love them. I think they make the entry more welcoming 🙂 now if I remember to water them…