photo 7 14 weaving-8_zpsu2czpvn1.jpgI have been seeing so much weaving around, and since I hadn’t tried anything since Christmas – it was time to start again.

If you remember from this post, I didn’t have a real loom when I tried my last project. I also didn’t feel like spending over $50 for a loom.

I found this version at Walmart for under $30, and it worked pretty well! Assembly is a little tricky, but everything works once you get started. This loom is also great for many different types of projects, so I’m happy with the purchase 🙂

 photo 7 14 weaving-1_zpsqvdtyxkd.jpg
I didn’t really have a plan for the weaving, just the yarn and ribbon that I wanted to use. I definitely want to mix more ribbon into my next project.

 photo 7 14 weaving-3_zpszi7taied.jpg I love the texture I got from wrapping the purple yarn… I don’t really remember how I made this happen, but I know that it looks awesome 🙂
 photo 7 14 weaving-4_zpswoniq55o.jpg Time to finish and trim everything! I was sitting outside on my deck when I took this… that’s why the background is not white :/ sorry about that… but not sorry for crafting in the sunlight 🙂 🙂 🙂
 photo 7 14 weaving-6_zpss2adta6g.jpg The tassels on it could be better, but they’re ok.
 photo 7 14 weaving-5_zpssxt1l6lu.jpg sometimes you just need a second opinion via snapchat…. The answer is yes.
 photo 7 14 weaving-8_zpsu2czpvn1.jpg I went with a knitting needle – I have so many size 8 needles lying around!! this set (I used the other one for Stef’s Christmas gift) was really too short for knitting anyway.
 photo 7 14 weaving-9 copy_zpsnk8rzgpy.jpg
All done! Hope you like it! Can’t wait to make more! These can be pretty quick to make… especially when watching a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix…