Segovia, Spain

Segovia is another cool city near Madrid full of castles and ancient buildings 🙂 The city is famous for this first century aqueduct which was built without any kind of mortar, and it’s still functioning! So so cool!

There was a 5k the morning we were there, and I would have loved to run in it! Probably good that I didn’t, because the city is built on hills… the runners looked like they were dying…

The beautiful cathedral in Segovia.

This guy had a little kitten! When he would do his presentation, the kitten would sleep in his jacket 🙂 so cute.

The CASTLE! it felt like a disney movie

the armory

that tile!!!

view from the top!! we had to climb a lot of stairs to get up there…

We went to the current summer castle in Segovia, as well. It was modeled after Versailles – the gardens were huge!! every trail led to more fountains…

This fountain was lined with seashells!!

Found this cool little pavilion in the woods 🙂

So thankful for our friends who let us stay with them and gave us tours of these amazing cities!! Without them, we would not have even known where to start.