Breastfeeding, Formula, Pumping… oh my!

I considered including this in the birth story post, but that one was just getting too long. We’re having a very unusual breastfeeding journey, and many of you have asked how it’s going! Instead of… View Post

Henry’s Birth Story

We’re home from the hospital and feeling pretty good, so I wanted to share the birth story while it’s fresh on my mind. I never enjoyed reading birth stories until I was pregnant, so I… View Post

Pregnancy Recap

Wrote this at 38 weeks, and now I’m 41 weeks… going to get induced soon. So I always intended to write monthly updates, and I have a few saved in my drafts. But 2020 is… View Post

Completed Bedroom Renovation!

I thought I took more videos of the “before” stage of the renovation, but the baby’s room was my original craft room (since moved upstairs in the attic) and this was the hallway. I didn’t… View Post

Mother’s Day Quilt (Hydrangea from Dreamy Quilts)

This quilt is long overdue. I bought the fabric in September! Thought I would be way ahead for a Christmas gift… then decided to make it for my mom’s birthday in early February. But that… View Post

Ikea Bookshelves!

This one’s going to be a quick post about my shelves in my living room! These have been hanging in my house since July 2019, but I love them and want them documented on the… View Post