Why I’m back on the blog

As I mentioned yesterday, I don’t really need yet another project. Especially something daily.

But I have a reason…

Tying up loose ends

Here’s what happened, I looked back at my 2024 MANIFESTO, and I had written:

I want to tie up loose ends.

I don’t want to look around and see unfinished projects.

And part of that means just getting through the junk in my craft room, and that always means documenting it here on the blog.

Currently, not inspired

On his podcast, Jon Acuff asks “what do you get from NOT finishing?” and suggests that the reason we don’t accomplish a goal is that NOT FINISHING is better than finishing. Eventually, we’ll get so fed up with our current state, that we’ll have to act and complete the goal.

Here I am: looking around my beautiful craft room is just not inspiring in the current state.

Too many things left alone for an entire year or longer.

I know that some of it is because I’m a toddler mom (of a kid that changes directions in less than a minute). I know hobbies aren’t a priority in my current life season. But I also know that it’s hard to move forward when I feel like a failure surrounded by unfinished projects.

Not that girl

I want to be the girl that finishes what she starts. And I know I know I’ve had so many false starts. But I also have an 800+ day streak on Duolingo. So that’s something. Do I actually speak Spanish is an issue for another day.

On paper, I have the time I need to DO IT ALLLLLLL.

But somedays my head doesn’t catch up.

I’m trying to get that to work together this year, so I can just be that girl.

What to expect:

Well everyone, I’m attempting a daily blog with a loose schedule and a long list of content ideas.

The primary problem I’m facing is the “Mostly Sewing” aspect… because there are about a million things I want to talk about that aren’t sewing.


I also have a lot of sewing projects to finish, so let’s stick with it and see how it goes.

Each week, you can expect these general categories:

  • Finished Project: what a world it would be if I finished a quilt every week. Trust me, the stash is there. I just need to dig in.
  • Home and Lifestyle: Daily life around here
  • Currently Reading: I read a lot. And I don’t know if I want this to be a weekly thing or a monthly round up, but I aim for more than one book/week, so there’s something to share.
  • Sewing Techniques: I’m not the best at technique, but maybe this will help me be better. I’ll share the youtube videos I return to again and again to get through a project, and maybe make my own videos (probably not, because I’m just not that good at sewing lol)
  • Friday Follows: my favorite instagram accounts to follow in case you need some inspiration
  • Status updates: Any other craft projects I’m working on + what’s coming up next for quilting
  • ThOuGhTs: It’s not a blog if I can’t share all my thoughts, people!

Currently the lifestyle category has a lot of content ideas, because I haven’t been sewing as much lately, but we’ll see what I can do!

You can also expect terrible photography, because I’m just not good at it.

Things have gotten better since I mostly make videos now, but blog photos are a struggle, and I’m not sure I’m willing to do anything about it 😅

Mostly, I’m excited to write for myself again. I write for a living, so sometimes that doesn’t happen.

Have a great week!


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