What’s on the table

Hi there! It’s been more than a minute since I’ve been on this quilting blog.

But I want to get sewing and quilting again (and I’ve heard a rumor that blogs are making a comeback), so here I am.

As usual, I love planning blogs and content, but rarely, if ever, stick to the calendar.


So let’s talk about what’s on my sewing table, and what’s up next for me to work on:

Currently Quilting: So Many Things

Similar to the state of my brain, there are a bunch of quilts half-finished around my table. And an even longer list of patterns and fabric combos on my iPad.

First up: repairing my quilting

Sometimes, I’m not paying attention, and I don’t catch the full 1/4″ seam when I’m sewing. So I’m sad to say my Rifle Paper Co quilt has some splits. I have an extra fat quarter, though, so I’m going to patch it up and (fingers crossed) it will look even better.

Next: gifting baby girl quilt

I started a quilt years ago for a different baby, and I never finished it/gifted the quilt… so now I feel super guilty!!!

Need to get this quilt finished, gifted, and off my chest!

This is me trying (as they say).

Another DNF: Beautiful Lottie Quilt for myself!!

I’m obsessed with the squares I cut out over a year ago for this quilt, and I would love to be using it. But unfortunately, it’s still unfinished. Possible, literally, collecting dust, on my sewing table.

Once I’m finished quilting it up, I’ll share links etc. Hopefully this month!

And because I have so much fabric and PDF patterns, I have a lot more quilting on my list. But these are the ones actually cut out…


One of the strangest parts of being a mom is that my 3yo randomly wants to cut out photos with me and make scrapbook pages. So I randomly got through 2 years of my (omg) TEN YEAR BACKLOG. The funny thing is, when I started making the college scrapbooks, they look cute and artistic.

Now I’m like, put as many photos on a page as will fit. Write a caption (except I DON’T REMEMBER THE EVENT), and put it on a shelf.

Sometimes the headline for the page is “Cousin!” because I don’t remember what was going on in the photo, except my cousins are in it.

And the photos are SO MILLENNIAL. It’s exactly like all those Reels that make fun of us. It’s all true.

And yet, I still buy cute scrapbook kits because I’m obsessed.

Gratitude Journal

and experimenting with watercolors

Instead of attempting another scrapbook for 2024, I bought a planner to use as a gratitude journal/ Henry tracker. Sometimes I just write one funny thing he said on the day, and then add a sticker.

Or I glue in a logo from a restaurant or coffee shop.

I definitely told my sister I wouldn’t be painting, but alas, it happens sometimes.

I’m fully inspired by Amy Tangerine, but I lean heavily on stickers because my painting and drawing skills are truly terrible.

I do have the best little photo sticker printer, and I include at least one photo per week in the planner.

Working on this quilting blog!

Tomorrow, I’ll post more about why I’m reviving my blog and my goals, but it’s definitely another project.

Do I need one more thing to do? Cleary not, but if there’s one thing I miss doing, it’s writing this blog (also actually sewing, quilting, running, reading, etc. ok motherhood has taken away a lot of hobbies).

Also, I’m a pretty fast writer, so this part won’t be hard (it’s the terrible photos I post that will be the problem.


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