What I Made for Christmas…

I had some great intentions starting out this holiday season. I had a plan written out in April, I think, of what we would buy for each person. I really wanted to avoid spending all that money at one time. This plan sort of worked. Unfortunately, I lost 2 of the gifts…. they’re around here somewhere…. so whenever I find them, those will be moved to bday gifts for the recipients 🙂

I wanted to give more handmade gifts this Christmas, but I just didn’t know what to make!! Literally 4 days before Christmas, I came up with a plan. I do not like to be this rushed on things.

My sister suggested getting a canvas print from our wedding for mom (2 years later and apparently they didn’t have any full sized prints?? I didn’t realize I only gave them the books :/). Unfortunately, these things take a few days to order and sometimes cost over $60 :/  Walmart does same-day canvas prints for $30 (yay!!), but when I went to pick up the order, they handed me a canvas roll and said they didn’t have the wood to stretch it. WHAT?? WHY DID YOU TELL ME THE ORDER WAS READY IF IT WASN’T???

New plan – Walgreens also does same-day prints. found a coupon on RetailMeNot. phew. done.

For my fathers, I knit some hats 🙂 I made a hat for my dad when I was 14 and he didn’t take it off for 2 years… and since he and Eric’s dad are buddies, I made them matching hats. They love them. I was working on these 2 days before Christmas. I’ve never knit so fast in my life.

I also made this really cool weaving for my sister’s new apt 🙂 more on that later.

weaving for Christmas gifts on MostlySewing.com

Now, what was my plan before all the frantic days of DIY-ing you might ask. I was going to make candles. Please see list below of posts explaining how cool and easy handmade candles are.

While I still love all of these, no one mentioned how expensive the bag of wax is. One candle can cost over $13 just in supplies. I left Michael’s empty handed (sort of, they were having a Christmas sale on Washi tape) and went to HomeGoods to buy candles for $7 each. I bought several….

christmas gift purchases... lots of candles

Anyway, everything turned out fine and my family loved the candles I gave them, I just wasn’t able to say that I made them.

Most of the gift-making happened within 4 days before Christmas… but the point is that it was finished. And now I’m prepared for next year.

gift wrapping with kraft paper, washi tape, and twine on MostlySewing.com

Did you have any dramatic gift-giving experiences this year? Please share 🙂