Welcome, 2014!

Sorry it’s a little late, but here are some of my new year resolutions.

I’m renewing some that I did not achieve last year, but my life has changed so much since last year, so these resolutions feel different and i’m a little more realistic…

Personal Goals:

  • Fitness: I have a half marathon in April, so this one will actually happen.
    Also, I really need to do this yoga handstand I mentioned last year. Seriously, this is the coolest thing ever.
  • Read More: I actually read more than I think I do, so I really want to keep track. Jon Acuff posted this “empty shelf challenge” where you fill up a shelf with books throughout the year. Unfortunately, I pretty much exclusively read on my kindle, so I guess I’ll just track it on Good Reads.
    I also want to re-read a lot of the classics I read in college. I read so many so fast that some details are missing….(so embarassing for an English major to admit). It’s time to re-read.
  • Take the GRE: If I ever want to go to grad school, this really needs to happen soon.
  • Send Birthday Cards: I need my friends that live far away to know that I still think about them. And cards are max $5, so I think I can handle it.
  • Handmade Christmas Gifts: Next year, I want to plan Christmas a little further in advance and buy handmade gifts, or make things for everyone on the list. I liked the gifts I gave this year, but I just think handmade gifts are more thoughtful and beautiful.


  • More projects: I loved Nov/Dec because I did so many projects to prepare for Christmas. Hopefully I can keep this up and make more beautiful things this year.
  • More writing: I will try to write posts with complete sentences. Maybe about all these books I’m reading.
  • More ME: I want to tell you more about my life, goals, thoughts… kind of goes along with the above, but seriously needs to happen.


  • Save Money: I kind of proposed a crazy saving plan that I really hope I can stick to. So far so good.
    oh wait, they’re having a sale at Old Navy.
  • Eat fresh and healthy: I guess this means I’ll have to be a better cook. Part of my saving money plan is rarely eating out – but it also works for eating healthy.
  • Eat more veggies: we weren’t so good about eating veggies this year. They’re not that difficult to make, but I just forgot to buy them. This year will be different!!
  • Eat less pizza: I’m just a jersey girl who loves pizza. What else can I say. Tomato sauce counts as a vegetable right??? but we really shouldn’t be eating it for every other meal… :/

So many goals… maybe I’m expecting to much of myself, but I definitely feel confident about these.

Thanks for reading! Happy 2014!!!


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