Weekend: Antiques

Happy Tax Day! hahaha jk

Hope you had a great weekend! We definitely did πŸ™‚ It was the first beautiful weekend in NJ, after months and months of cold weather. Finally in the 70s!

I was supposed to run 13 miles, but everyone was out of town…. so I didn’t. because 13 miles is boring by yourself. and the bears are starting to wake up.

Eric and I have been wanting to walk around and look at antiques (part of our series, How Much Furniture Can Danielle and Eric Fit In Their Tiny Apartment), so he found this cute little town on the Delaware called Lambertville that was perfect.

Driving there took a little longer than planned, but it was beautiful outside, so we didn’t really mind the drive.

Lambertville is a great place if you’re looking for pristine pieces from a specific time period. Which we weren’t (we’re more of the look-what-i-found-in-the-trash-and-painted-white/gold kind of people), but we had fun just walking around together and looking at our favorite things. We’re obsessed with old houses and cool knick-knacks.

 photo IMG_4821_zps57a70c4f.jpg

us on the delaware river… i tried to pick the vscocam filter that would hide as much of my husband lack of shaving as possible :/

We ended up just buying a book, but went to some of the antique shops in our area of NJ (Lafayette) on Sunday since they’re a little more our style. Also only bought books there. But we really don’t have room for too much extra stuff in the apartment with all the fish and my crafting supplies….

Another side note, we love buying old hardcover books, but decided maybe not too old. We want to actually be able to read them. If pages and covers are falling off, then it’s not really enjoyable for us. We’re all about “reading copies” of books. also – they’re usually cheaper because they’re not quite as old.

 photo IMG_4820_zps1c0a1722.jpg

the delaware canal… and i didn’t want to take a pic. and it was very sunny.

Hope we have more adventures next weekend!!

 photo IMG_4811_zpsf4a57aae.jpg

Old coffee tins in Lafayette

 photo IMG_4813_zpsa28e2800.jpg

our super cool old-book shelf. And we restored that fan btw! Eric re-worked the electric so it runs

 photo IMG_4817_zps49d15a16.jpg

bought the Federalist Papers in Lambertville, and the other 2 in Lafayette.

 photo IMG_4816_zpse777c78b.jpg

cool “cover art.” the Little Women cover is probably my favorite…