Wedding Planning

My wedding is about 6 months away (according to the countdown on the blog) and all the planning is starting to come together. During school, I didn’t plan too much because I needed to focus on getting good grades and passing my finals :p But now I can think about it all the time!

Before I finished school I did pick out my dress, though. And we booked the church and reception hall. Because my parents are caterers I obviously just picked them, and I’m basically trusting them to do something excellent with the food (I’ve been told to include a menu on my wedding website, but I don’t think that’s necessary).

The groomsmen will be wearing dark purple ties and vests, and Eric will wear silver to stand out from them.

Yesterday we had a fantastic engagement party. My parents made some amazing food and a beautiful cake. We also received presents 🙂 which is probably one of my favorite parts of this engagement period (I know it shouldn’t be, but it really is fun to open presents!). And now I feel like all I do is write thank yous….

Today, my sister (MOH) and I went to look at bridesmaid dresses. The girls have two options right now… The first one would have a gray sash. I’m kind of worried it will be really short on anyone other than my 5’1″ sister and cousin, though.

So I really enjoy this wedding planning stage 🙂 but I’m trying not to be to stressed about it. It’s really not thaaat difficult to pull together. Next step: choosing a wedding cake design 🙂

Here are some funny pics of me and my sister trying dresses…

we’re silly… btw, I don’t actually use a binder for my wedding planning stuff… I just needed a pic for this strange post…

Everything feels like it’s coming together! I can’t believe I’m getting married!!