Watermelon Wall Hanging

This little watermelon wall hanging is not my best work,  but its kind of cute :)

I love this free pattern from Suzy Quilts, which I shared back in the Picnic Season Prep post, but I didn’t feel like making an entire quilt… Someday, but not now.

So I made this little mini wall hanging! I was deciding between 1 slice or 4 slices, and went with only 1 slice. At first, I thought it would be cute with just one slice, and then it turns out I’m pretty bad at sewing curves, so I gave up after 1.

Mini Watermelon Wall Hanging

So I started cutting all the pieces of the template. There’s a “Rind 3” piece which I think is a combination of Rind 1 & 2.

Then I sewed them together, and I thought it was going well… until I ironed it and it looked like this:

Looks like I need to practice sewing curves...

I had to trim off a lot of fabric to square this off…

squaring off my watermelon slice squared off and ready to add sashing to my watermelon block

So then I added some sashing around the edges and the appliqué seeds to finish it off.

For quilting, I had some extra batting lying around and not-my-favorite pink fabric for the backing. Aaaand I haven’t done the binding yet, because I’m worried it will be obvious how it’s not quite straight :/ Oh well. I’ll add an updated photo if I decide to finish it off.

Watermelon mini quilted wall hanging

Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t attempt the whole watermelon quilt, because I would have been upset with my curves-sewing ability. At least with one block I was able to cut it down as much as I needed to.

I like making mini quilts of my favorite quilt blocks. Sometimes an entire quilt can be intimidating, especially with tiny pieces or intricate paper piecing. But you can just making one block, quilt it as much as you want, and keep it on your wall as inspiration!

Definitely making more of these in the future 🙂 And hanging them in my little studio!