Wardrobe Minimalism

keep only those things that speak to your heart. discard the rest

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So a few months ago I read the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up… and like most people, I did find it pretty life changing. I know I’m not exactly a minimalist (ha), but I can love having only the things that will bring me joy. So far I have only gone through my wardrobe, but I know the rest of the house is next!

Wardrobe Journey

I do go through my wardrobe at the end of every season, so I didn’t throw out as much as I thought I would. By following this KonMari method, I actually was able to fit all my clothes in my bedroom without leaving anything in storage!

minimalism on mostlysewing.com - emptied four totes of clothing from the basement!

Originally, I thought I would write a post about my new “capsule wardrobe” with the few items I planned to use this season. I’ve still included my resources for that below, because that’s a pretty helpful exercise to go through. But this was better. My clothes are no longer in my basement, I’m ready for a bigggg Poshmark sale after Thanksgiving (I’m hosting a party! More details on in my instastories in the future…)

minimalism on mostlysewing.com - everything fits in my white dresser and closet!

As I mentioned in this photo, I’m not really happy with this dresser… but it’s what I have right now… Need to do some antiquing and find something that works/ looks better.

minimalism on mostlysewing.com - i was able to fit all my clothes in just my dresser and my closet!

And this is my closet. I realized that I have a lot of clothes that I absolutely love, but I don’t wear all the time. So I guess I just need to get out there and wear them? I really can’t bear to part with them, and I love looking at them in my closet… but I work from home and wear leggings most of the time. So. Need to find a reason to get dressed up more often and wear them.

minimalism on mostlysewing.com using matching hangers to create and even-hanging closet

I bought more skirt hangers because the mismatching in this before photo was driving me crazy 🙂 and it makes me happy that everything hangs at the same height and looks pretty. It also helped with the hang-everything-so-it-slants-up-to-the-right method Marie Kondo suggests.

These are the skirt hangers I bought to go with my other velvet hangers… obviously I need a few more of those as well, but at least everything is hanging at the same level now!

To be honest, I still need to go through my shoes and jewelry. I almost never wear jewelry, so I’m not sure why I have so much stuff.

The next struggle is building the habit of folding and putting away all the clothes…. oh my. At least it goes faster now.

Capsule Wardrobe Resources

These are a few of my favorite bloggers’ capsule wardrobes, and other minimalist tips I’ve found.

  1. Glitter Guide
  2. Studio DIY Colorful Fall Capsule
  3. Project 333 by Be More with Less
  4. This pin I found from ThredUp with a capsule equation… can’t find the original post tho

Final Somewhat Rambling Thoughts

I also recently read the Perfectly Imperfect Home which is about making your house look lived in and loved… I definitely don’t have a problem with my house looking lived in, so I think minimalism will only help.

As a big proponent of keeping your house tidy in general, I get a little annoyed when people say it doesn’t matter if my house is clean and organized for guests. I believe that having a tidy home helps guests feel more comfortable.

Making a mess is part of making memories, but there doesn’t need to be clutter in the background.

These are just my personal thoughts and the standard I have for myself. This post is not meant to put more pressure on you to clean your house or something… I just don’t understand why I’ve been criticized for trying to keep my house neat? I don’t even have children: my house should not be a mess.

One more thing: sometimes people laugh at the Marie Kondo concept of saying “thank you” to our handbags or the house or something. But I’m not sure why it’s so crazy? While I probably won’t be talking to inanimate objects, I will be intentionally praising God for what He has given me. So yes, thank You for the house that protects me from rain and snow. Thank You for beautiful clothes that keep me warm.

Let’s cultivate this gratitude. For me, I do think that could be saying thank you when I walk into my house or put away my shoes.

And on that note… Happy Thanksgiving! When you look around your house, keep only those things that spark joy and gratitude. Discard the rest.