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updates on my entryway on MostlySewing.com
We’re so excited to leave for Europe in a few days!! We’ve been super busy packing (and shopping), but I think we’re all ready to go! Can’t wait to share pics when we get back.

But I thought I’d just share what we’ve been working on lately.
Right after I posted about my entry way, we decided to rip out the carpet. The room had flooded during the winter, and we were worried about mold and all that…. so this is what it looks like now….
repairing my flooded entryway on MostlySewing.com Gross.

Eric has been working on scraping all the gunk from under the carpet, and he pulled out the old baseboards. Before we pulled up the carpet, I thought we would be able to paint the cement floor. It looks like we won’t be able to smooth them down without replacing the cement completely :p

Instead we’re just going to lay down a laminate/ linoleum that doesn’t require any adhesives. We haven’t decided between a wood or stone look… There are a lot of good options, and this will be much more durable in the winter when we have all our snowy-salty boots sitting out there. The carpet was really ugly :/

I also want to add these hanging plants πŸ™‚ what do you think?
A Beautiful Mess mentioned that similar planters are for sale in bronze from Urban Outfitters πŸ™‚
inspiration for hanging plants in my entryway on MostlySewing.com
via A Beautiful Mess


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