Day 11: Handmade Christmas Dress (Ultimate Wrap Dress by Sew Over It)

As per my tradition, I made my Christmas Dress on Christmas Eve this year. I had a plan to do this ahead of time, but it happened between playing music for hours at the cafe and going to my family’s party. Just proves that this pattern is speedy and simple! Which I love!

Last year’s dress was very fancy… so I went a little more comfortable, but still festive with some evergreen velvet!

This time I tried the Ultimate Wrap Dress from Sew Over It. This will definitely be remade in the future! So easy and very pretty.

The lighting was not great on Christmas Eve, but I’m trying my best with these photos… plus… you probably know what a wrap dress looks like.

The first thing I love about this dress is the speed and simplicity. I think it’s a great intro to sewing with knits. The velvet worked well, and it didn’t require the double top-stitch needle.

Somehow Stef, Shannon, and I all wore green, and of course we documented it.

The main issue (which I’ve read about in posts from other sewists) was gaping at the neckline. If I want to wear this again, I’ll probably need to adjust that… I didn’t have time this year because I was running out the door to the party.

Here’s a photo with Lucie!! She’s so cute 🙂

Cousin photo on Christmas Eve! The baby belongs to Paul & Crystal 🙂

Because of this dress, I googled how to wrap a wrap dress…. so that was also useful.