To-Do List

After my post on Tuesday, I reconsidered the projects I have around the apartment that don’t require buying more materials.

Surprisingly (ok, I wasn’t too surprised), I have a lot of unfinished projects, and enough fabric to make so much more.

  • 2 twin-sized quilts: Remember this post? No, I haven’t finished quilting these yet.This “wandering stitch” takes way longer than I was expecting. And I have enough fabric to make an identical quilt. That should keep me busy.
  • I really want to make these cup holders, and I have plenty of burlap/ scraps. I could make 50 and sell them.
    *Sorry, I don’t know where I found this pic :/coffee
  • Alterations: I have a couple skirts that I would love to wear, but they’re too big (marathon training will do that to you). So I need to fix those and not buy any more!!

That should take care of this weekend at least 🙂 I knew I wouldn’t be bored for long.

Happy Thursday!!! You can make it to Friday!!