Tie Dye Strips / Log Cabin Progress

I love making a traditional log cabin block modern with the use of hand died fabrics!

Don’t worry everyone, I’ll be mixing up my quilt style soon enough! But for today it’s another log cabin. I know I’m obsessed with it – these blocks come together so fast, it’s almost instant-gratification.

the line up for a "quilt in a day" log cabin quilt

If you’re not piecing Log Cabin with this method, you should check it out. It totally lives up to the “quilt in a day” name. Moving on…

Tie Dye Log Cabin Quilt Piecing

Back in this post, I showed my tie dye process for a white sheet I found at Good Will. I always look for white sheet to dye, or fun sheets to use as a backing/ cut up for squares. This was a king-size sheet, so I had a lot to work with. I might need to start looking for a better thrift store, though. This Good Will isn’t that great.

ironing all the seams flat on this log cabin block

For the last version of this, I used a green for the “light” section and quilted diagonally through that section. You can see that post here… But I gifted that quilt away. I was torn between making the striped version again, or trying a traditional barn-raising style.

a barn raising style log cabin quilt layout the diagonal strip layout for a log cabin quilt

I even tried asking one of the quilting facebook groups I joined… and almost everyone said barn-raising. But I’m going with the stripe. The barn-raising/diamond style is too traditional, and I’m definitely closer to being a modern quilter.

shibori tie dye log cabin quilt blocks

I was hoping to have the quilt top finished for this post, but it’s not *laughing crying emoji… oh well, You’ll see it on the blog or on instagram sometime soon.

Like doing 3 part series for larger quilts:

  • Part 1: materials & cutting
  • Part 2: Piecing & Quilt Top Assembly (if possible)
  • Part 3: Quilting & Binding

I’ll be posting Part 3 of this quilt as soon as I buy a backing fabric  and have time to quilt this thing!!

Have you used your own hand-died fabrics in a quilt before? I would love to see your results!