things to do

Well, I feel like I haven’t been able to post as often because not much is going on in my life… but let me tell you about the things that I need to work on πŸ™‚

Obviously, they’re not in this exact order:

  1. Finish white quilt: remember the quilt I was working on in december? It’s still not done. However, I started the quilting process and I only have to finish the all-over wandering stitch quilting (takes much longer than I was expecting) and I’ll be done with it!
  2. I have to make a matching quilt for the other twin bed in the room. They will look so good when they’re on the beds though! The room is mint with dark brown floors. I’ll post a picture when everything’s in place.
  3. My future bedroom (when I’m married) will be in grays, white, and teal. I’m trying to find the perfect pattern for the throw quilt and pillows for the teal accents. If you have any ideas, let me know. I don’t want patchwork really, so I’m looking for good fabrics/ quilt designs. I haven’t found anything online where I’m registered, so I’m planning on just making one πŸ™‚
  4. My wedding website is so close to being finished! I still need to fill in the How We Met and Our Engagement pages… and add more pictures. Finding time for the wedding website has been difficult though.
  5. The wedding registry is also almost done, but I put the big things on first and was waiting to add the little things until after I decided on my colors. Now i need small things because people are trying to buy for me and only have all the big expensive things to choose from πŸ™ I guess I have to go to the mall!
  6. I want to post my love story on here πŸ™‚ It’s a pretty cute story.
  7. If you need to work on creativity in writing, I recommend signing up for writing prompts. Of course, I haven’t had time to write these at all… but this week will be different. Yay for Mondays.

I hope this post wasn’t too boring. I wanted to post something, but these things are just what has been on my mind lately…

more tomorrow!