The View from My Window

 Yes, I live in possibly the most beautiful place in the world. Ok, maybe the Alps are better, but this is gorgeous for just every day. Cranberry Lake is one of the smaller lakes in the area, but the clubhouse and beaches still offer a lot to do during the summer.

Most of the families on the lake are 3rd generation residents, like my family (my great-grandparents bought the house), and everyone has grown up with each other. Every year we would join swim team and swim every morning. We participated in synchronized swim shows, craft days, lantern parades, and all the other things that make up an ideal summer.

I remember running to the ice cream truck with my cousins when we heard the music, and being so depressed if I missed it somehow (I was probably underwater and didn’t hear the truck pull up). We went to the clubhouse every day for the entire day, and our parents could leave us all there because we knew everyone.

By high school you stop going though. Everyone either finds a summer job to stay busy or parties so much it’s dangerous.

I went to boarding school in high school, so my friendships with the lake kids kind of grew apart. But I always look forward to coming home to a place that is actually a vacation spot.

I never take this place for granted and I can’t wait to bring my kids here some day. I’m sure they will swim all day every day with their cousins and run barefoot everywhere they go. They will be completely tan all summer (I remember having such dark tan lines they would stay through the winter… for some reason I can’t tan at all now….) and love BBQs with the entire family.

I love this place. This is why I could never leave NJ.