The morning routine… ugh.

I know people gobble up these types of posts, and I’m personally obsessed with them as well. But I also hate that I wake up so early. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that if I sleep the extra hour, I’m still exhausted at night and don’t want to work out or anything, so morning is the only time I have… on the other hand, I also stay up too late and only get 6hrs of sleep. SAVE ME FROM MYSELF.

Ok that’s enough. Here’s what you’re wondering about:

My Morning Routine

4:50am: wake up and drink 16oz of water

  • wahhhh tbh it’s never easy
  • I fill the 16oz water bottle the night before and put it next to my phone/alarm
  • yes, the alarm is in my closet, and I trip on my way over there (sometimes on the white dog blending into my white rug at the foot of my bed)
  • no, I can’t use my watch for an alarm because I turn it off in my sleep and never wake up
  • sometimes, if I’m really efficient, I remember to program my coffee pot the night before, and the smell of coffee wakes me up… most days, I pour leftover coffee over ice.
  • in my ideal world, I put on my workout clothes and under eye masks and then go read my non-fiction pages for the day. in reality, I stumble up the stairs (literally), curl up in my chair under a quilt, drink my coffee, scroll instagram, and make a random amazon purchase.

5:30am: workout outside with the doggies

  • M/W/F/Sat: I run 4 miles or whatever training is on the schedule. These are often slower that I want them to be, because my dogs pull me around sniffing foxes, deer, dead animals, and other dogs’ 💩 after 1.5 miles the dogs usually figure out we’re here to work and they’ll get in line.
  • T/Th/Sun: Just a walk with the dogs
  • In the darker colder months, these workouts move to the afternoon because I’m not a crazy person that runs in the dark (jk, it’s fine if you want to. I wish I had motivation when the sun isn’t out).
  • During the summer, I don’t like to take the dogs for a walk in the afternoon/evening when it’s 80+ degrees, so early mornings are the best for them

6:15-7: Shower/ dress/ pack for the day

7am: wake up Henry

  • Then spend 20 minutes periodically asking if he needs to go to the bathroom, while he dances around “just for fun”
  • make Henry breakfast: I don’t really eat at this time, because he will eat my food. And I just need to eat in peace.
  • feed the dogs

7:45am: prep to leave for school

  • Henry watches 15 min of a show (usually Lion King) while I get him dressed and pack his backpack (I make snacks/lunches the night before)
  • I finish getting ready and make sure my back is packed if I’m working at a coffee shop this morning

8am: leave for school

  • Ha: the timer goes off to leave for school, then Henry resists, then he picks a toy, then he makes me race him around the car, then time him to get into his carseat, then I realize I’ve left my phone in the house
  • Listen to Lion King in the car
  • Answer questions about lions

8:30ish: back home

  • make my own smoothie that doesn’t get stolen from me
  • unload/load the dishwasher
  • drink more coffee
  • work work work!


I wish I could send a link to make this easier, but it’s really not. Also, I feel like I could conquer the world at 6:50… then I wake up Henry and do that routine, and I feel like there’s nothing left to give after that’s over. So I understand why people wait until afterbedtime to live their lives… but I’m still tired then, so I just have more motivation in the morning.

There is one book I recommend for morning routines, and that’s The Miracle Morning.

There are other versions like The Realtor Morning, The Writer Morning, but I only read the main one, and I loved it.

Miracle Morning routine really made me see what’s possible with my morning, and why I need to make time for reading in the morning. Many times I do that version, but lately I’ve been attempting 75Hard, so I don’t have to cut some of the “miracle” stuff to make time for the 45 minute outdoor workout for 75 Hard.


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