the best bracelets

I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve suddenly become obsessed with cuffs and bangles! As you can see below…. cuffs are probably my favorite

Through my entire life, I’ve never been a big jewelry wear-er. Jewelry has never been my thing because I felt it always inhibited my piano/violin playing…. you wouldn’t understand this unless you’ve had to practice music for several hours at a time.

But I’m really enjoying the bracelet trend currently, and I thought I’d share some inspiration!

Also – notice the beautiful TB FitBit Bracelet in the mix!! I love it!

*I originally titled this “the best GOLD bracelets,” but when I went on polyvore there were too many fun things to choose from…. so now it’s just the best bracelets, but mostly gold.

favorite bracelets

 photo 825gorjana_zps2680b327.jpg