the beginning

so i have to admit: i’m scared of blogs. i’m worred about peole reading my writing because i know that it could be better. however, i am an english major, for 2 years now actually, and i’ve decided that someone other than a professor needs to read something i’ve written. although, i’m not sure anyone will read this.

so. here i go.

and what does anything have to do with sewing? why not book reviews or something more “english major”-y?

because sewing is my hobby… and after writing papers and essays and taking tests about all things literature, i need a break. but don’t be surprised if something that resembles a book review appears… i can’t help it. i read a lot.

but right now it’s summer. i don’t start classes until september first (-ish. i try not to think about it too much). i’m using this time to catch up on reading… and the many other things that i do…

well, that’s all for now i think. i’ll be back eventually…