Thanksgiving in our first home

Finally! We’re officially moved out of our apartment (handed in our keys today!! Ahhh!!) and we are all moved into our house.

We had our housewarming party back on the 15th, but decided to leave a lot of the junk in the apartment. We had way more stuff there than we thought….

I’m the kind of person that needs motivation in order to actually get anything clean… so I not only had a housewarming party, but also hosted Thanksgiving dinner.

*Before you get too impressed – my parents own a catering company and prepared 60 turkey dinners. They just threw in 1 more for me 🙂 I didn’t cook, just needed to clean up and prepare to entertain.

Of course, there were a couple things other than cleaning that I completely forgot about – a tablecloth, napkins, candles, anything Thanksgiving related. But it worked out. I text my mom and she brought some cloth napkins and a tablecloth.

I want to note that I did have a chance to make napkins. I thought to myself “I have 2 tubs of fabric in my closet. There must be something autumnal! I can make napkins right now!!” and I did. I didn’t quite get to the hemming part of the napkin, but no one noticed. We ended up using them as placemats because my mom brought some very nice orange napkins that matched my runner perfectly 🙂

But it was so much fun to be with all the family! It’s pretty amazing to have both of our parents living nearby, and being able to have both of our families together for the holidays. I know so many couples have to split up the time between states/ in-laws, and I’m so blessed that we can have everyone together – and it’s so much fun!!

My thanksgiving table before the food 🙂 the runner is from Eric’s mom – so pretty! Notice the leaf placemats that I quickly cut up before everyone arrived 🙂 All Emma dinnerware from Pottery Barn – Seriously the best dishes. My advice to every engaged couple is to buy this instead of fancy china. It goes with every holiday/party you will ever host. It’s beautiful, and honestly not that much more expensive than the dishes at BB&B. You will love it.

Now with some food!! a little chaotic… but soo yummy!

My cousins brought their ADORABLE pocket dog (Morkie = maltese + yorkie) to dessert. My father-in-law was quite attached and almost took him home.

“Beast” the Morkie puppy snuggling in his sweater…

Did I mention the snow? Oh yeah, it snowed for 27 HOURS. The lake is beautiful, though.

Now that my life is closer to normal, I have several posts I can’t wait to share with you!! Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Tours of our new home! I’m obsessed and have been dying to share pics!!
  • my t-shirt quilt! so close to being finished!
  • quilting through my massive amount of fabric
  • book reviews – I’ve been reading more than writing lately 🙂
  • scrapbooking

Guys, I have really missed blogging – I think about it everyday. I’m so happy to be back.