Terrarium Project

First of all – Happy October!!
Over the weekend, I finally made my terrarium. I’m so happy with it! i have so much cactus soil leftover, I know I will be making many more

Terrariums are really simple to make, and only require a few products:

Assortment of jars or containers
Succulents / Cactus – around $3 each
Pebbles/ Gravel
Large rocks – in the craft and florist aisles
Cactus, Palm, and Citrus potting soil – Walmart only sells big bags
Moss – found a bag with a few of different mosses at Michael’s

 photo IMG_3802_zps7cdfd96c.jpg

originally planned on using mason jars, but the cactus’ didn’t fit in the mouth of the jar…

 photo IMG_3807_zpsaa7a3fbe.jpg

jars, soil, moss, making a mess on the dining room table


1 inch of gravel (for draining water from dirt)
Activated Charcoal (only for closed containers; prevents roots from rotting. My container is open, so I didn’t need the charcoal)
Moss/ Large rocks
1-2 inches of Cactus potting soil

Add mosses and cactus 🙂

Sprinkle water over plant. Water once a week – remember, these are cactus and don’t need as much water as normal plants
*One time I killed an aloe vera plant because I watered it everyday. Just being honest

 photo IMG_3804_zpsa6e94354.jpg

trying to fit a very prickly cactus in a mason jar…. kind of difficult, and I didn’t like how it looked, so I had to take it out anyway

 photo IMG_3811_zpsb5f0ed2c.jpg

our supercool new centerpiece!!

 photo IMG_3814_zpsd2742c69.jpg

view from above the terrarium

 photo IMG_3812_zps734da69b.jpg

little terrarium …. gave this one to my mom 🙂

Fun Fact: The plural of “cactus” really is “cacti.” I checked the dictionary, but you can also say cactuses.


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