sweatshirt embellishment

Happy Tuesday!

With Fashion Week in full swing – I thought I’d show you something a little less formal. A Sequin – Embellished Sweatshirt.

I found the sweatshirt at Forever 21: perfect place to find clothing for DIY experiments. It’s a super soft hoodie that I would wear even without embellishment, but this makes it a million times better!!

The full DIY can be found on A Beautiful Mess. They’re much better at giving instructions.

First, choose a script font. Print and cut out the words to make a stencil. You can use the word cut-out part to decide if it will look good on the shirt. In the example below – the word didn’t fit on 8.5×11 paper, so I had to pick a shorter word in order to get the right size for the shirt.

Next, trace the stencil with washable marker. ABM shows the process much better than I did….

I learned that a little glue goes a long way….

Don’t use too much glue…

[my test run before the glue] 

And the finished product!!

Once the glue dried, it really looked cute! I still need to do the sewing part of the tutorial to hold down the sequins in the wash, but I think this looks pretty good for now!

Hope you enjoy!