Summer Friday Bucket List

Happy hump day! I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend already

My company is amazing and has this great “Summer Friday” benefit. We get to leave at 1! *if we’re done with our work of course. So I would definitely recommend staying late on Thursday to leave early on Friday.

Last year, I would head home early to read, clean the apt, or hang out on the boat. My sister came into the city with me a few times and we ran around SoHo shopping and eating.

The past couple weeks I’ve been going home and sleeping or taking a pilates class at the gym. But I have a few more ideas for the weekends…

  1. the Strand – just want to spend a few hours in this store and find some fun things.
  2. Mood – Same as Strand: just need a few hours to explore.
  3. Explore each neighborhood
  4. Find the best gelato…. i think i already know, but i have no problem trying new places…
  5. Read at least one book a week (not necessarily just a summer friday thing, but i’ve been doing well so far!)
  6. Highline and Chelsea Market
  7. Shakespeare in the Park