What’s on the Table: June 8

Honestly, I have not made as much progress as I hoped this week (I did blog every day, repair the lucky log cabin, and finish reading 2 books, so I guess that’s something!), but here are the next projects on my table;

Gift Quilt:

Unexpectedly… we didn’t have enough pieces cut to work on this. Which doesn’t surprise me.


Because it’s the linen. If you (and you should) pre-wash linen for quilting, it shrinks SIGNIFICANTLY. Which is why you should wash it. If you don’t, it pulls apart when it shrinks compared to cotton or anything else you have in your quilt. So I knew that, and I washed it.

But I forgot that it happened with this quilt… or maybe I didn’t realize that’s what happened.

Anyway, washed it – didn’t have enough to finish cutting the squares I needed. Re-discovered the issue 4 years later. I had the extra fabric on my stack, though, so I just threw it in the wash. Maybe I can cut it tomorrow and get back to piecing.

Henry’s Twin Quilt

Henry moved into a big boy bed this week, and he pretty much exclusively loves this construction truck blanket, but it’s time to make him a twin quilt for the bed (that he’ll probably sleep on top of wrapped up in the construction blanket).

He has beautiful nautical wall paper, and we live by the lake, so we’re keeping the nautical theme, but throwing in some animals this time. And similar to the scrappy daytrip quilt, I’m going a small squares quilt. Here’s what I’m doing for it, and of course there will be a full blog post whenever it’s finished 😅

  • Pattern: Small Squares Quilt (Free)
  • Backing: Target Sheets (on sale for $15!)
  • Noah’s Ark fat quarter bundle: Love the raindrops and the fish fabrics, but also Henry’s LOVES lions right now, so wanted to get some in there
  • The Sea and Me fat quarter bundle: love the seaweed and starfish ones, and it looks like the colors coordinate with Noah’s Ark, since it’s the same designer.
  • Solid will probably be a linen color, and I’m just getting Kona from Joann’s

I need something finished to post on Monday, though, so we’ll see what I can pull together in time 😅


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