Long Weekend Project: Spray Paint Table and Chairs

 photo 7 5 spraypaint-8_zpsra3kgsue.jpeg I try to be honest with my pinterest projects, so I should let you know that this was more difficult than I expected. It was a TON of spraypainting and my hands still hurt :'( I still have to practice my spay paint skills because it never turns out very smooth… I think I need to try some different brands of spray paint…

 photo 7 5 spraypaint-2_zpsbuzy0wig.jpg

Spray painting in my garage….

Overall, I love this table in white. It was ugly before, so I couldn’t really make it worse – everything looks better in white anyway. This is still our dining room table, but we will buy a new one eventually and this table will be for game nights and crafting.
 photo 7 5 spraypaint-3_zpsybevqhmo.jpg

Another reason this needed to be painted – i didn’t have any white surfaces in my house for taking blog photos! I’m really excited to have this for documenting my projects. Most likely, I will still be doing all my projects on the floor in front of my TV (i think this is just a habit I formed as a child, and now I can’t change), but the photos will look better.
 photo 7 5 spraypaint-7_zpsh9djmifh.jpg

I bought my spray paint at walmart for $3.96/can, and I went through 1 can of primer and 3.5 cans of paint :p But I covered 3 chairs and an entire table, so that’s probably normal.
 photo 7 5 spraypaint-1_zps3hzh3bgf.jpg The worst part about painting chairs is the spindles. Since there’s not much surface area, you feel like all the spray paint is just spraying into the air and being wasted.
 photo 7 5 spraypaint-6_zps1wssa0dy.jpg and one final note about spray painting – where a mask. I didn’t this time, and that was a mistake…

Did you complete any projects on this rainy/cloudy holiday weekend?
I also bought a lot of plants for around my house… more on those later 🙂

 photo 7 5 spraypaint-4_zps0u123dup.jpg

view from our deck 🙂

 photo 7 5 spraypaint-5_zpscwafowvf.jpg

Happy Fourth of July!!

Long weekends are the best!!