Spain Snapshot

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always need some ice cream 🙂

We’re in Paris now! Just wanted to post a few of the photos from our time in Spain – there will definitely be more posts in the future! Here are a few of our favorite moments. Enjoy! We’re off to enjoy a new city!

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every balcony has beautiful flowers!!

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obsessed with all the spanish tiling!! so many different designs

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And so many statues!

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Also obsessed with all the cathedral ceilings covered in gold…

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There was a 5k running around Segovia when we arrived on Sunday! Wish I had known ahead of time and I would have signed up!!

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This was the floor of our airBNB bedroom in Barcelona 🙂 Can’t ask for anything better than an 1860s apartment with marble floors!

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The Segrada Familia was so different! The inside of the Basilica is meant to look like a forest with trees for the pillars and the leaves overhead. And the stained glass!!

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