Skillshare Review

skillshare review and favorite classes

Back in January, I signed up for Skillshare for 3 months for $0.99 through the Everygirl Challenge.
I decided I’m definitely keeping this premium membership now that the 3 months are up!

If you use this link, you can get 3 months for $0.99, too! and I get a free month, so please sign up!

This site has so many classes if you want to be a better blogger, artist, graphic designer, anything! Although, not too many classes on sewing… maybe I can fix that.

I found the app on my Apple TV, so I can watch the classes on my big screen. If I have an extra 15-20 minutes, I prefer to learn something new and useful, instead of watching an episode of the Office… I also love watching the classes while I’m sewing! Nothing like multi-tasking!

Skillshare classes I’ve taken and loved:

  1. First Steps of SEO
    This class introduced me to the Yoast SEO plugin which makes SEO so easy! Great intro to SEO
  2. Writing Better Copy for Your Startup
    Only a 15 minute class, but I learned a lot about streamlining the message of a brand for the landing page
  3. Paper to Digital: Watercolor Brush Lettering
    I’m always trying to learn new Illustrator skills, and my sister loves to watercolor! This class was only 13 minutes long, but it was really helpful.
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Finding New SEO Clients
    Because I’m a freelancer now….

Looking forward to taking these classes:

  1. How to Create a Sloper from Scratch
    Also found a few youtube videos, because I would love to make clothes without having to buy a pattern!
  2. Personal and Lifestyle Branding: Building Your Story
    I can always learn more about blogging!
  3. Cityscape Photography: Capture Your City’s Story
    I don’t take good travel photos, so I’m trying to find a class that helps 🙂
  4. Happy Houseplants: Pick a Perfect Plant
    I wish I could keep a plant alive… maybe this will help?
  5. Modern Watercolor Flowers 3 Ways
    Ok, this is really for Stef, but it looks really pretty

Ok, go check out the site and sign up using my link! for $0.99, I’m sure you’ll learn something!