Christmas Party Dress (Simplicity 1873)

Gold and Black fabric from joann's fabric used in simplicity 1873

Simplicity 1873

After making my own dress for Christmas Eve last year, I knew I had to make another one. This was a really hard choice. I bought this beautiful fabric without knowing what I would make… and I kept searching, searching, searching patterns until I found the right one… Eventually, I found Simplicity 1873.

I made Version C without the tabs. This pattern works really well with a thick brocade-like fabric so that it gets poofy with the pleats 🙂

I can’t believe I sewed a beautiful lining and everything! The fabric itches and frays a lot, so it definitely needed the lining. I will probably add a skirt lining to make it perfect. Labels always finish it off.

This pattern sews up quickly, I made it in two overnight sessions haha. I think I was working on it until 30 minutes before leaving my house for the party. Everyone thought it was great that I made the dress right before the party, and my sister said I looked like a princess…. which was weird.

Christmas Eve wearing simplicity 1873 by MostlySewing

Christmas Eve festivities with Stef and Eric 🙂 My parents’ house is really perfect for Christmas – and notice my quilt on the back of the couch!

Simplicity 1873 Christmas Eve party dress with my husband!

Pictures in front of the fireplace!

Time for the Close Ups

I received this awesome dress form from my Mother in Law for Christmas, and it’s perfect for pictures! Especially because I can’t take pictures of myself….

Simplicity 1873 by Mostly Sewing for a Christmas Even party dress

The front of the dress showing the detail in the pleats and darts. I will admit that I might have made the waist a little tight, It probably needs just like an inch more to be comfortable. I folded the hem up along the same row of triangles on the base.

Simplicity 1873 in Gold and Black for a Christmas Eve party Dress

View of the back and my invisible zipper! Pretty impressed with the line matching on the back… except for the bottom portion, not sure why that didn’t match up like everything else.

pleated skirt bottom for simplicity 1873 by mostlysewing in gold and black brocade fabric

Obsessed with all these pleats!! So poofy and fun!

I’ve seen this dress made with lighter fabrics, and the effect just isn’t the same. Anyway, this is a really simple pattern, well-written, and very impressive. Sometimes, you just need to make a dress that isn’t a slouchy minimalist comfy jersey dress, and this is a great option!

Have you made this pattern? Let me know your thoughts and experiences!