Shibori Tie Dye with Goodwill Finds!

So lucky to find a white sheet at goodwill to tie dye! only $8!

I tried Shibori Tie Dye last year and I couldn’t wait to try the project again. I pinned this amazing tie dye quilt some time last year, and I’ve been dreaming of it ever since.

Recently, I realized the fabric opportunities in the Goodwill sheet section and started hunting at least once a month. I’m not quite brave enough to search through all the clothing…. so overwhelming.

Tips for Goodwill shopping

  • Be Super Picky: I will only buy 100% cotton sheets, and I’m looking for pieces that will work well as  backing for a quilt.
  • Make sure it’s cheap enough: I’ve picked up $7 dresses brand new at Old Navy, so it needs to be an AMAZING deal for me to consider it.
  • Wash & Dry everything… several times. Sometimes that smell takes a while to get out.

When I last went to Goodwill, I was planning on dying the pieces, so I only looked through the white clothing… didn’t really find anything exciting. And honestly, I don’t wear that much tie dye.

Then I found the King Size white 100% cotton sheet, and I was so excited!! It was only $7.99!

Tie Dye Process

  1. Cut the fabric into manageable pieces: you’ll probably also cut the elastic off, so it lies flat 🙂 I cut the sections to around 44″ wide, similar to standard fabric.
  2. Fold anyway you want! : There’s a lot about shibori tie dye techniques on pinterest, so look up some inspiration!
  3. Prepare the Dye Vat: I went with a Navy Rit Dye this time, instead of the true indigo dye… mostly because I was running behind and didn’t have time to wait for 2-day Prime Shipping.
  4. Soak the fabrics in clean water: The fabric absorbs the dye better when wet…
  5. Place fabric in the Dye Vat and leave for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Rinse the fabric until the water runs clear
  7. Wash and Dry as normal

Here are some pics!

GoodWill find: one king sized, 100% cotton, white sheet perfect for tie dye! white fabric ready for the dye vat! using Rit Navy Dye from Joann all the fabric in the dye vat white sheet from goodwill turns into fun tiedye quilting fabric!

Out of the dye vat and into my laundry sink… I always get so nervous because everything looks SO BLUE

attempts at tie dye

I probably took it out too early, or tried to dye too much fabric at once… this one will need to be re-dyed later with more pattern

white sheet from goodwill turned into fun tiedye quilting fabric!

Once it was washed and dried, I cut it up into 2.5 inch strips to make a Log Cabin Quilt (surprise, right? I love log cabin quilts and will probably make a million of them).

Some strips have less tie dye on them than others, and I will probably need to re-dye some sections of fabric that are boring… but I have enough for a twin quilt 🙂 The photos below are closer to true color.

cutting tie dye fabric for quilting! white sheet from good will turned into tie dye fabric for a log cabin quilt!

I plan on doing one half of the log cabin block in tie dye and the other half in a white, with a navy center square! So excited!

The remaining fabric for the quilt will need to be pre-washed, because the sheet was obviously pre-washed… that should be interesting.

Have you tried a fun fabric dye-ing project? Last time, I dyed a dress and a tote bag, but I love this so much more!