September is here…

Fall is probably my favorite season. I love skiing and snow, but I wouldn’t want it to be winter forever (“Always winter, never Christmas…”). However, Autumn could last forever…

And with the cold weather approaching, it is finally acceptable to begin knitting. I think this year I will get over my irrational fear of knitting on the bus (realistically, a well-dressed 25-year-old will never resemble an old lady), and work on a sweater during my commute. I’ve never knit a sweater – and I’m a tiny bit scared of the time commitment – but I can’t wait to start!

I’ve been listening to the Woolful podcast during my long commute and learned I definitely need to properly block the yarn before I start knitting. I’ve never done that before…. I don’t want to invest in a beautiful yarn and ruin it by not blocking properly.

Woolful also talks about Brooklyn Tweed A LOT. Like, every episode. So I checked them out, and they have some of the most beautiful patterns I’ve seen.

I’m picky with clothing patterns, because I don’t want anything to look handmade: whatever I make needs to be beautiful and high-quality. Handmade garments should receive compliments, but not “oh, did you make that?” …. awkward.

With all of this in mind, I’ve been looking around for the perfect first sweater. I’m a good knitter, so I’m not super concerned about the difficulty, but I don’t want to choose something I will never finish.

One last thing – I really want to learn fair-isle knitting. SO PERFECT!!

ok, here are some of my favorite patterns.  photo 9 3 knitting_zpsee23yqir.jpg

Honestly, I will probably make them in this order… Writing this post has helped me decide what I want to do 🙂 Now for buying the yarn….

  1. Bedford
  2. Stasis
  3. Driftwood
  4. Adara

Oh, well I just stumbled on the “cardigan” section of their website… I will definitely be making #1 on this list… the rest may change 🙂

I will be posting pictures of the process! My commute changed a little bit – so I’m driving the 1.5 hours each way to work right now – but once I’m back to riding the bus into NYC, I will be knitting!

Also, I just want to say that doing these “inspiration”-type posts all the time is not my favorite thing. I want to share more about my home and my sewing projects. I’ve been sewing a lot, but I don’t want to post too much since some are gifts. I have a few sneak peaks on Instagram, if you want to go look over there 🙂

Have a great Labor Day Weekend! Hoping I’ll be back online soon!