September Goals (+ Fav Planner Supplies)

September feels like the start of a new year, so here are a few of my goals and favorite planner supplies I'll be using to accomplish the goals!

I’m posting on a Thursday to talk about something non-sewing! Goals for September! And my planner!

First of all, where happened to August? It sort of dragged in the beginning, and then suddenly it was over. My goal for August was intentional media browsing. Instead of mindlessly clicking on whatever shows up on Pinterest, I thought of a topic I wanted to learn about and read a few articles.

This kind of worked out… Ideally, I would have had a different topic each week, but August was spent learning about Facebook Ads.

Second, September always feels like a second New Year. Even though I’m not in school, the start of school feels like another January 1st goal-setting time of year.

So these goals are a little broad – some goals go through the end of the year, but some are specific to this month.


  1. Learn about a new topic each week: This is a continuation of August’s goal.
    This week I’m learning about Pinterest (I signed up for the free Melyssa Griffin email class about Pinterest).
  2. Run, Run, Run: My 5k/10k/Half combo is Oct 15-16, and I’m getting ready! I planned ahead, so I’m already at 12 miles. Now I need to prepare for running 9 miles one day and 13 the next :/
  3. Get ahead on my blog 🙂 for once.
  4. Finish my 2015 scrapbook: Did I mention it’s not even started yet? Oh, and I have nothing for 2010-2014, but I’ll try working backwards? And current, at the same time.
  5. Clean Up My Laptop: Part of the scrapbooking goal – get all the pics off my computer and into an album. Then literally off my computer and onto a hard drive.

I think those are pretty big goals. Time to break them down into daily, manageable steps and write them in my


September feels like the start of a new year, so here are a few of my goals and favorite planner supplies I'll be using to accomplish the goals!


Ok, so I’m only slightly obsessed with planners. I love every planner I see, which means I’m constantly questioning my choice to use The Happy Planner from Michaels. But whenever I doubt, I remember that I only paid $13 for it (sale + coupon).

  1. Stamps: I think I might have mentioned this before, but I’m obsessed with Clearly Kelly stamps. I kind of want to buy all of them. So far, I only have the work planner pack and the meal plan pack.
    Her blog and scrapbooking videos are also super inspiring!
  2. This Stamp: It’s self-inking!
  3. Le Pen: Love these!! In ALL THE COLORS
  4. #BulletJournal on Instagram. If you somehow haven’t heard about this planning/organizational phenomenon, you need to go check it out. I could look at pics of pretty, minimalist planners for days.
  5. Target Dollar Spot: Unfortunately, Target doesn’t list the dollar spot items online, but they have so many planner inserts and notebooks for less than $3! Definitely a great deal that makes me rethink my planner choices 🙂

If you’re looking for more planner things, they’re everywhere! Sellers on Etsy offer a lot of fun printables, and it’s easy to get lost in all the pretty things.

Remember: the purpose of a planner is to be more productive! So figure out what works and stick with it. These are the only important things for me:

  1. Monthly and Weekly Views (some planners are only one or the other and that just doesn’t work)
  2. Vertical Weekly Layout (I need to make my lists!)
  3. Add/Remove pages (that’s why I love The Happy Planner! And I force myself to say no to a lot of other planners)

Did I miss any supplies? What do you use in your planner? Anything big going on in September?