scrapbooking progress

a few weeks (months??) ago, I saw a post on A Beautiful Mess about scrapbooking. I was completely inspired, considering I used to scrapbook all the time in high school.

Maybe I copied her ideas too much, but she helped me realize the new scrapbooking capabilities I have on my computer! A lot of these pages are still in-progress, requiring some organization and text, but I really like how it’s coming along 🙂

I printed some of my IG photos (ok, maybe all of my IG photos) in 2×2 squares on an 8×10 sheet. Later I realized that printing them on 4×6 pages probably would have been cheaper… oh well.

I used the collage feature on Google Picasa to arrange all my photos, whether it was for printing the 2×2 IG pics or the larger collage pages featured below.

finally found a perfect 3-ring binder at Joanns. I had bought one at target with cute polka dots, but it wasn’t the exact one I wanted. Michael’s must have been sold out, but I found one eventually. I haven’t decided what to write on the tag….

These are some of the WIP (work in progress) pages. I know the general idea of what I’m doing, but haven’t clearly put it all down. I love the sewing paper I found… and I happen to have sewing stickers… so I know something fun is going to come out of that set.

Below, I have a few more sheets that are complete. I really loved making some of the pics the whole 8.5×11, or making collages of similar photos. So much better to have them printed neatly than having to cut and glue everything in place. I’ve loved mixing the neat “modern” pages with more traditional scrapbooking pages.

I plan on having some pages about our apartment – I really don’t want to forget what our first place looked like!

Hope these are somewhat inspirational! Remember, you’ll love being able to look at your pictures any day, and your guests will love to flip through these albums while visiting, so get to work! 🙂