scrapbooking progress: part 2

Click here to see the first post on my scrapbooking process…

A few weeks ago, A Beautiful Mess demonstrated sewing for scrapbooking, (weeks? That post is from June! Where has the summer gone?!) and I’ve been dying to try it.

I was going to use my instagram square photos in a coin collectors sheet (also on ABM), but I couldn’t find any and didn’t feel like ordering them online. I decided to glue the photos to scrapbook paper and try out the sewing technique.

I also used washi tape to style instagram photos in the last example…

i accidentally sewed over eric’s eyes…. and chopped off his head…

and here is a sewing themed page! so cute, but i didn’t exactly know what to do with the paper or these stickers… Since the original paper sheet was 8×8, I couldn’t cover an entire page, but the trading card slots were perfect!

Just an adorable page using washi tape (and pics of my cousin’s baby!)