Scrapbook Sunday: Prep !!


So I’m ready to start the crazy adventure of scrap booking everything. I haven’t scrapbooked  since high school, so I have a ton of pictures to work through…

I was so excited to find these binders on sale at target! Perfect for college photos! Super cheap. Some were a little messed up, but I’ll take it for less than $5/each **the navy binder is the album I’m using for current photos, not this projectIMG_6064



I will probably need to get more to cover the summers I worked at camp… They might take too much space.

Ordering photos was interesting… Prints have gotten expensive!

I found several free print incentives for ordering through an app, even if it wasn’t available on the website. I used snapfish: 100 free prints/month on the app + 55 free prints for first purchase. I ordered 300 prints for $18 (including shipping). There’s also the FreePrints app, which gives 85 free prints/month.

The great thing about snapfish was the ability to upload the photos to my account on the website from my computer, and they were available when I logged into the App on my phone – then ordered them from there with the discounts ? otherwise freeprints has cheaper shipping and is a great resource if printing photos directly off your phone.


Then it was time to organize all the memorabilia and programs I have from college – being a music minor meant I was at a recital or concert practically every week … It didn’t feel like that much in college, but there are a million programs. IMG_5983I also bought the Sunshine Collection from project life and I love love love it.

Here’s a page that I made – from a road trip to NJ for thanksgiving break. IMG_6036Joanns was having a 50% off all scrapbook supplies last week, so I ordered a bunch of album refills for the 8.5×11 books (kind of hard to find ?). Can’t wait to show some more of the process! Now, go print some photos!!