Scrapbook Sunday: April Photos

april monthly mini scrapbook challenge

I love this little round up of life photos on the blog. I get to tell you all what’s going on in my life, and it’s still crafting related! So, here’s a little recap of what happened in April!

Here’s the link to the idea for a mini scrapbook challenge on A Beautiful Mess. I haven’t had time to really scrapbook (been too busy sewing), so this mini book will be a good reference tool for when I’m ready to make the big book.

  • Singer Featherweight: I’ve mentioned this a few times on the blog, but this thing is so cute! And the sewing table makes it so useful. I need a sewing table for my big machine because the height causes a lot of tension in my back, so any small, straight stitch projects I just use the little machine! My mom also gave me all the accessories. And I have an invisible zipper foot for it! So, it’s really perfect. And it’s quiet, so I can watch binge-watch Grey’s Anatomy while sewing.
  • Zack’s Wedding: We went to West Palm Beach for my Brother-in-Law’s wedding at the beginning of April! The wedding (and the weather) was beautiful!! And I found this dress at Bloomingdales – they have some amazing dresses under $30, so you should check it out!
  • Flower Seeds: Eric and I are determined to take care of our yard this year (last year we barely mowed the grass, and it looked awful). We have big plans for gardening. Of course, nothing blooms for, like, 90 days. And I’m not very patient. Should be fun.
  • Cherry Blossoms: A park near our house has this cherry blossom-lined path, and it’s BEAUTIFUL!! It’s a little distracting when I drive past.

Want to make your own? These are the only supplies you need 🙂

  • 4×4 Album: Perfect for your favorite instagrams. I bought mine at Joann’s, and they have a lot of different colors/ prints.
  • 4×4 Photo Sleeves: I’m almost out of sleeves…

Are you doing any scrapbook challenges? Thinking of making this one? This is totally doable (even for a not-so-crafty person), and just think how cute all the mini albums will look on a shelf in a few years!