Scrapbook Sunday: March Photos

March Monthly Scrapbook Challenge

Monthly Scrapbook Challenge

I’m back for Scrapbook Sunday! This could be called Mostly Scrapbook…. Sorry for the silence over the past month. Work and rehearsals have been a little crazy!
Here are the 5 pics I chose for the month!

  1. 50s Night!
    We went to a 50s-themed party and got dressed up and everything 🙂 I think my outfit might have been closer to the 40s… but close enough!
  2. Haircut!
    I told my mom I was thinking about getting a haircut, and she was like, call this girl right now! so I guess she agreed? I cut off 7 inches and still had plenty left over. My hair feels so much healthier and no more split ends!
  3. Fabric from Shop In The Making
    I’m working on a king-sized quilt, but I keep running out of fabric!! I found this shop on etsy and they offer free shipping over $25!!! They have SO MANY fat quarter options and plenty of Kate Spain Canyon (my current fav)
    I ordered this little batch first, but then I still didn’t have enough fabric! so I ordered more almost the next day.
  4. Easter Cantata
    I accompanied for the Easter Cantata at my church, and it was so fun! So much practice and rehearsal, but I love it! I was super nervous during rehearsals (I’m going to ruin Easter!), but it went really well.
  5. Easter with the Wilsons!
    I love this picture of us! Let me tell you about this Easter dress. I wanted to make a dress, I couldn’t find the right fabric/ pattern, didn’t want to spend more than $50, etc…. I finally went to Bloomingdale’s and found this dress for less than $30! So if you’re one of those people that thinks they can’t afford anything at a luxury department stores, you should try it sometime.