Scrapbook Sunday: Inspiration Lately…

Super excited about the new scrapbook supplies I ordered for myself for my birthday 🙂 I can’t wait to work on the Europe pages and more of our married life photos.

Here’s some inspiration for scrapbooks:

 photo 6 28 scrapbook1_zpsfamwopu1.jpg


I love using the white space at the top of the page for journaling!And that the full 9×12 photo was cut for the slots. Also the typewriting 🙂
 photo 6 28 things I love_zpsamwb5bo4.jpg

This is more of an art journal idea, but if you use a full-sheet photo and stamp/write on it would look super cool. It mixes up the event pages.

 photo 6 28 free stuff_zpsmvhicbqe.jpg


Always love free printables! so many to choose from!!

 photo 6 28 artwork_zpsutwzfp3n.jpg


A Beautiful Mess sells these attacher tabs so you can add artwork to books without putting it behind plastic! I like the texture of the painting. I bought their chipboard dividers to add some interest to the books.

Hope you feel a little more inspired! Happy Scrapbook Sunday!