Scrapbook Sunday: Adding Embroidery

I’m always looking for different ways to add texture to my scrapbook pages, and I think I just discovered a new favorite! I’ve sewed over photos, and added washi tape to pages, but embroidering within the photo adds a really fun and different element to the pages.

First of all, I bought a pack of embroidery thread – Sometimes I’m really dumb and I buy the cheapest thing. Please buy at least the mid-priced version of embroidery thread. This one tangles really easily and never really lies flat. Things are expensive for a reason!!

However, now I have a million different colors to choose from. Moving on…

I love this photo of Eric and me 🙂 It was taken at my cousin’s wedding before we started the 2-hour drive back to NJ (that’s why Eric’s wearing shorts and flip-flops), and we were just happy and being silly. Stef took the photo and started flipping out, “you look like you’re flying!!!!!!”

I printed it on 8.5×11 paper for my scrapbook.

It didn’t print exactly straight, so I trimmed it. Do you have one of these tools?? They’re the best!! use it CONSTANTLY when scrapbooking.

I thought it would be adorable to add wings and really go with the flying theme. So I googled “clip art wings” – when I’m trying to draw, I usually search clip art images because they show the basics of the item.

But nothing felt right. And then I remembered Tinkerbell. Her wings are perfect.

Start by punching the holes BEFORE adding the thread, and go from the top of the photo down. If you poke through the front of the photo, the paper will look ugly and torn (like the first few holes in the photo below). I wasn’t sure where to start the wings because of my hair in the photo – but then I remembered these really don’t need to look realistic…

I LOVE how the first wing turned out!! it’s so perfect 🙂

I’m not such a fan of the second wing, but my sister said it looks good. I guess I’ll trust her on this.

And this is the back of the photo….

I think embroidery would be a great way to add text to a full page photo, or maybe outline a fun element in a photo. Maybe you could add a crown to a birthday photo? Embroider extra fireworks on a 4th of July photo? Hearts all over a couple’s photo? ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES and relatively simple.