Welcome to my annual resolution post!

I’m sad to report that I did not fulfill all my resolutions from last year – specifically, the yoga handstand that I’ve been talking about for 2 years now. Seriously, get your act together, Danielle. However, I did manage to eat less pizza (some weeks we wouldn’t eat it at all!!) and blog more often.

Let’s move on to 2015!

I’m making fewer resolutions that I really think I can handle. And since there’s no time like the present, I started some of these in December.

  • Cook || one thing I realized that was inhibiting my progress – I only own dessert cook books. I bought some real-food books and have already made some attempts at meal planning and new things. Even went to the grocery store at 9am on a Saturday to make sure I found everything I needed. Go me!
  • Be a better friend || I actually mentioned this back in 2013… still having this problem. I really need to keep in touch with friends. Maybe with a new house, people will want to visit me more often 🙂
  • Read through the Bible in a year || have you heard about She Reads Truth?? Well, they put together a reading plan on the app, and I’m going to do it! Here’s the PDF version of the guide.
  • Run more || I’m signing up for several local half marathons throughout the year so I stay in shape 🙂 I loved being able to run 13 miles, but I fell out of the routine after my half in April. Need to keep it going all year.
  • Yoga || Guys, I just need to be able to touch my toes. It’s embarrassing. And did you know there’s usually a 5 minute nap at the end of every class? There’s a fancy word for it that I can’t remember, but it’s amazing.

Happy New Year! Here’s a thought from the great She Reads Truth blog 🙂

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