Refinished Dresser…

 photo 8 6 dresser-17_zpsb3kpztws.jpg

Eric and I had this old dresser – it got damaged from our fishtank, and I thought it was time to refinish it… I bought some cute knobs from Homegoods, but they didn’t match the knobs on the dresser.
 photo 8 6 dresser-2_zpsccz5jzos.jpg
 photo 8 6 dresser-1_zpstf0elguo.jpg
 photo 8 6 dresser-16_zpsrypbzllk.jpg

Here’s a photo of the damage …
 photo 8 6 dresser-3_zpscxdpkryq.jpg

Eric helping me by removing the drawer pulls….
 photo 8 6 dresser-4_zpsrqc0rfpq.jpg

In order to get rid of the 2 holes and only make 1, I had to use wood filler.
 photo 8 6 dresser1_zpsymvdrr7c.jpg


  1. Sanding down and smoothing the wood filler
  2. Measuring to find the center of the old drawer pull
  3. Mark the spot…
  4. Drilling the final hole…

1 coat on the drawers
 photo 8 6 dresser-15_zpsetxgnurj.jpg

1 coat on the dresser…
 photo 8 6 dresser-7_zpsxwylpv7v.jpg


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