i’m back! hopefully 🙂 this is a preview of my new year’s resolution to write everyday. something everyday. i really was doing well for that first month of summer, but then i gave up for some reason. i’ve been very busy lately with homework and rehearsals and writing for the school paper, so i haven’t kept up with blogging… but i will next semester! i promise.

recent projects: school is not conducive to craft-y pursuits, but right before summer ended i started working on a quilt for my sister (which i said i would make all summer and didn’t make until the last week). turns out, she changed rooms and doesn’t really need the quilt, but it will look nice in her old room, which is now the guest room.

the bedroom is mint green with a dark brown wood floor and two twin beds. we bought temporary, cheap white comforters that look ok, but aren’t really that great.

my plan was to make two white twin bed quilts. i wanted a very simple design… actually, no real design, just white blocks. i “designed” the quilt myself using the Quilt Wizard  program i bought in high school.

the white fabrics have different printed patterns on them, but the purpose was to be plain.

*sorry about the bad picture quality… i’m definitely working on my photography skills :/ i know my iphone can take better pics…

this is just my scrap pile 🙂 i like my zebra print rotary cutter. because my pattern is only blocks, the cutting process went pretty quickly and then sewing was easy too. the dark brown fabric is the border for the quilt. for the backing, i chose a pink flannel… it was probably a baby pattern, but i think flannel/ minky fabrics are the best for backings: they’re warm and soft 🙂 and also just add thickness to the quilt.

the quilt is assembled, but now all i have left is the actual quilting stage. i don’t have a free motion foot for my singer machine, so i can’t really do much. i will be purchasing one soon though, because i really want to experiment on this quilt. maybe just stippling all over for practice, or possible a pattern in the blocks with stippling in the border section…. haven’t decided yet 🙂

i’ll post better pictures when the quilt is completed. i’m really hoping i can get better at posting more often :/


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