Bulletin Board DIY

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while… and I’m not sure why. Check out this bulletin board I switch up all the time 🙂

I recently moved everything around in my craft room, and realized I didn’t need this bulletin board…

craft room organization and bulletin DIY from MostlySewing.com

you’ll also recognize it from the kitchen of our first apartment.

I decided to move it to my office at the cafe, but it wouldn’t work in blue…. Fortunately, this board just unscrews from the frame and looks like this:

3 14 bulletin board-1

So first, I unscrewed the inside from the frame obviously – the back of the frame has so many tiny screws! The board is pretty old, so the screws are kind of stripped because of replacing them several times. I’ll have to fix that the next time  redo this board.

Next, I took the blue ribbons off, and started planning the layout with my new set of ribbons

3 14 bulletin board-2

I bought this set on sale at TJMaxx, and I love the wooden spools for future projects!

I laid out the ribbons in a similar pattern to the original blue ribbon, because I want to leave room for a calendar.

And finally, I use white thumbtacks to hold the ribbons in place along the edges and at the overlapping spots.

3 14 bulletin board-3

Next, I just screwed it back into the frame and placed on my desk…. Eventually Eric stopped by to hang it up for me 🙂

This is the 3rd time I’ve re-styled the bulletin board! I love that I took something that would have been thrown out, and keep making it into something useful. Reuse & Recycle! I think I’ve had this for 10 years, and I plan on using it for many more!

The board is perfect for random inspiration, to-do lists, and successful projects that I want to remember.

updated bulletin board DIY on MostlySewing.com