I think this quilt will be the death of me. Not really, but it’s taking forever!! Probably because I forgot about it for 2 years (remember this? i thought there was a photo that accompanied that post)… it’s been sitting on a bed at my parents house, half-quilted, just waiting for me to finish the crazy stitch that I decided to use.

don’t use the wandering/meandering/random stitch (whatever this is called) on the entire body of anything other than a crib quilt. This is a twin.

I’ve also had several issues with my bobbin. First, I noticed this problem (apparently when I started this 2 years ago, I didn’t care and didn’t rip out the stitches. Now I’m just continuing in the same style since this will be used in a quest room for children)…

Next, the sewing machine was making loud noises while I was sewing, so I just took the box apart to examine the bobbin. I have had the same problem 2 other times. The needle and the bobbin will become un-synchronized, and then the needle is digging into the plastic part of the bobbin box. My husband usually fixes it by holding the bobbin still while moving the needle with the hand-turn, forcing the needle to fall back into the correct section.

* PS – I promise I cleaned out that ridiculous amount of dust and fuzz!! I’ve been making baby quilts, so this is what happened when you’re sewing with flannel and batting all day. *

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I’ll have a better update next time!!