Quilting WIP

I’ve been super busy lately 🙂 Quilting almost every evening! and blogging of course!

My mom and I have been trying to wrap up some projects that she’s had lying around for years.

The first one is this heart quilt: My mom appliquéd these hearts around 10 years ago. When I moved into my house, she gave me all her old fabric and I found these inside! She was originally making a wall hanging, but that’s not her style anymore. I add the 9-patch checkerboard pieces, spacing squares, and borders. It’s a pretty good throw size now 🙂 Just need to baste and quilt it now!

The other 10-year-old quilt project is the Turning Leaves pattern from Quiltmaker.

My mom bought this kit, and it’s time to finish it!! Hear are the pile of leaves, and my zig zag stitching. I tried to help and cut it out when I was like 15, but I didn’t understand apliqué. I cut them the exact size instead of adding a 1/4inch around to fold under. We decided to just raw-edge zig-zag stitch them. Just can’t wait to finally be finished with this!

Here’s a photo from the pattern:

 photo 8 2 wip-2_zpszxcgdaq7.jpg

Our leaves with the zig zag stitch… and stacks of fabric 🙂

You will be seeing the finished products soon!! I’m determined to finally finish these after so many years!