quilt labels

Since I’ve been making more quilts and garments, I decided to buy some tags 🙂

Joann’s sells some labels that you can write on with marker, but it’s not really my style… And I don’t trust markers to stay on fabric. Bad experienceS washing signatures off of those jr high camp tshirts :'(

I also wanted something that would work for all the fabric things I make, so I started researching…

I decided on using It’s Mine Labels, because they had a pretty low cost for 100 labels (probably more than I need, but at least I’m ready!).


I think they’re so cute! Since I don’t name my quilts or anything, I didn’t need all the space to write those details. I just write the year at the end of the tab, and sew it on.

Here it in on the quilt…


I also love when embroidery is used for quilt labels – it’s such a great touch (and it won’t wash off). My embroidery skills are not that great, though, as you can see below. And sometimes the quilt just needs to be done!

Thanks for stopping by! What do you think of my labels?

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