Productive: Goals for May

the productive app has been amazing for tracking daily habits. my favorite goal-keeping app so far

I found this app back in January, and it’s been really helpful for tracking habits and making me feel a little guilty 🙂 I just upgraded to the full version, because I wanted to add more than 5 habits this month. I have more goals this month, and I’ve gotten more consistent with my blog, and I need to streamline how I get everything done.

Some of these things are items I need to do EVERY DAY, and that’s where this app is helpful.

For to-do lists and shopping lists, I use a combo of my paper planner (crazy old-fashioned, I know) and the Clear App. (whoa, as I was looking up the link for Clear, I learned it can be used on my Mac, not just my iphone. Need to investigate this more). At work, we use Google Tasks and all the google work apps.

So, let me tell you about my goals for the month.

PS – this isn’t sponsored by Productive or anything, just wanted to share something useful!

daily habits and goals for may using the productive app!

The list above is in alphabetical order, but Productive has a “time of day” function to remind you to cross it off within morning, afternoon, evening, or any time.

Morning Goals:

  • Wake on Time: I’ve been sleeping kind of late since I stopped commuting… need to start waking up early!
  • Be Active: I kind of stopped working out after the half marathon, so gotta get back to the gym!
  • Bible: Need to read my Bible everyday!

Afternoon (no goals, because I’m working… so mostly using google tasks)


  • Sew: I must finish my King Size quilt! just keep sewing, just keep sewing….
  • Tidy the House: otherwise I’m upset in the morning when everything’s messy
  • Sleep by 11pm: This goes along with Wake on Time 🙂

Any Time:

  • Blog: Really need to be blogging sometime every day or else I’ll get behind again
  • Photo A Day: This was a new year resolution, so I won’t forget what’s going on in life

Weekly (these are just on the list the whole week until you cross it off)

  • Cook Something New: This was also a new year resolution, to cook something new every week… haven’t been doing so well. But I need to at least try

Click here to learn more about Productive and start setting goals!

What are some of your goals? How have you been doing with New Year’s Resolutions??

Again, this wasn’t sponsored by Productive, I just love it 🙂


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  1. May 3, 2016 / 8:53 am

    This app looks awesome! I’ll have to check it out.