Procrastination and Boredom

^^Lovely procrastinating photo from facetime on my computer

I often find myself procrastinating or bored for some reason. I’ve realized this is not because there isn’t anything to do (I know, I know, your mother has told you that a million times, too) but just because I forgot all the fun things I could be doing. So instead of wandering around my house aimlessly or just walking to the refrigerator and eating because “there’s nothing better to do,” I decided to put this list on a stickie on my macbook. Now whenever I am just browsing facebook for no reason, I will see the list and try something cool instead.

What to do when I’m bored/ procrastinating:

  1. Read a book: of course… not sure why I always forget this option….
  2. Finish that quilt!! I really need to finish that one…
  3. Practice violin or piano: productive and enjoyable!
  4. Get ahead on blog posts! so when I have a day that I can’t be bored or procrastinate, I already have something written!
  5. Exercise: some day I’ll be able to run a half marathon, but I need to get to 1 mile first…
  6. Laundry: Clean it and put it away. The pile of clothes only gets bigger :/
  7. Clean my room: kind of goes along with #6 and my room looks so pretty when it’s clean!

*This post was actually written in advance when I was bored at 1am waiting for my sister to get home from work. I accomplished something!!!*