Postage Stamp Baby Quilt

Here’s another quilt from last year! I think this was in August or September for a friend’s baby shower! Her baby was born in October 2019.

I think this was the second postage stamp quilt I made (I haven’t posted the first one yet… stay tuned), and I love the colors and the end result. However, actually constructing the quilt isn’t as fun as other quilts. Something about all the strips and tiny squares makes me nervous until it’s actually all together. As in… the quilt feels like a terrible idea the entire time, and then when it’s all together as the quilt top I love it.


I really do love the end result though, so let’s get to the photos (and a video!).

green orange postage stamp baby quilt folded and wrapped with binding

Fabric Selection

First of all, I bought all the fabrics online through Fabric Bubb. She really has the best fun selection of fabrics, and I buy from there often!

quilting fabric from fabric bubb!!

Here’s a list of the fabrics I used.

  • Wildlings by Dear Stella
  • Frogs in Green by Cotton & Steel
  • Winter Sprigs by Dear Stella
  • Mini Geese in Peach by Robert Kaufman
  • Bears in Sand by Dear Stella
  • Champignons in Juniper by Michael Miller
  • Garden in Black by Cotton & Steel (the knomes pictured below
  • Deer Stag in Orange by Andover
  • Tiny Trees in Avocado by Cotton & Steel

Obviously, most of these will probably be sold out soon, because I made the quilt so long ago.

Loved the gnome and dragonflies on this one!!

Postage Stamp Quilt

This is the tutorial I used for the postage stamp quilt. Like I said, it’s almost not fun in the process, but I love the end result….

Finished quilt top and speedy quilting in this video….


And here’s me with the quilt!

I actually made this dress, too. It’s the Bettine by Tilly and the Buttons. Can’t believe I made it back in 2016!! Time flies!

Lucie always inserting herself in the photo….

Closeup of the squishy quilting. I sewed diagonally through the squares, but they only overlapped on the seams.

So it was a little more gender-neutral for a boy than I expected because some of oranges turned out to be peach. But overall, I love it. And it’s more of a family heirloom this way, right?

I’ve also been making the baby quilts slightly large to use on toddler beds and keep mom cozy after baby is grown up! And of course, needs to be useful in fort building!

So – would you attempt a postage stamp quilt?